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Here is the list of links previous "Computer Talk with TAB" shows that have aired in the past 90 days.

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12/7/2019 Tesla Cybertruck might not fit your garage, AR app cautions
Streaming Services May Soon Crack Down on Password Sharing
Tesla Cybertruck's more powerful versions get production priority
Ransomware froze more cities in 2019. Next year is a toss-up
How to factory reset a Roku streaming device
Transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
How to block junk mail on Hotmail
What Does Apple MFi-Certified Mean?
Over 500 US schools were hit by ransomware in 2019
How to set up OpenDNS
Webroot Antivirus
Microsoft Found 44M Accounts Using Breached Passwords
11/30/2019 EV rentals aren't at full charge yet.
110 Nursing Homes Cut Off from Health Records in Ransomware Attack
Repair a Microsoft Office Installation (2010, 2013, 2016)
How to configure the OpenDNS Dynamic IP Updater Client?
Universal Hard Drive Adapter
Smart Switch Dimmer
Star Wars Instant Pots are here and R2-D2 can now cook your dinner
How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs)
Active@Killdisk -- WARNING: Completely Erases Hard Drive Data
Switching out of high-security "S mode" in Windows 10
Active@ZDelete -- Warning: Completely Erases Hard Drive Data
How to repair your Outlook personal folder file (.pst)
This wallet includes a tracker to let you find it with your phone
11/23/2019 1.2 billion records exposed in unsecured database
Health Care Group Reports Breach
Ransomware and data breaches linked to uptick in fatal heart attacks
How to remove McAfee products from a PC running Windows
Appear to have been attacked with Bitlocker
T-Mobile Home Internet
nVidia Shield TV Pro
Ontrack Data Recovery
Internet Radios
CT municipal broadband supporters earn court victory
11/16/2019 HoodMan Mavic Landing Pad
Fix for recovery drive listed as full in Windows 10 problem
DJI Mavic Mini
Webroot Antivirus
Exposure Compensation for Nikon L840
Canon EOS M200 EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Kit
Affinity Photo Editing Software
Google’s silent Chrome experiment crashes thousands of browsers
OpenOffice free office suite
Canon EOS R
How to Fix It When Alexa Won't Connect to Wi-Fi
Tips if your Alexa device cannot connect to WiFi
Here's how to prevent Amazon from listening in
SD to CF Card adapter
YouTube: Accounts Can Be Deleted if 'No Longer Commercially Viable'
11/9/2019 GoNetspeed Fiber Optic Internet Service
11/2/2019 Google pushes further into health care with Fitbit...
Marvel is censoring films for China, and you probably didn't even notice
NVIDIA's new streaming devices use AI upscaling to simulate 4K
Aviation's been Boeing through a rough patch...
macOS 10.15 Catalina and Webroot Incompatability
ESET Cyber Security for Mac
Sophos Home Antivirus for macOS
Carbonite Safe Personal Cloud Backup
How to restore a Windows 7 backup to Windows 10
If you have an iPhone 5, update your phone right now...
If the Time Machine backup disk for your Mac is full
Binge Watching of Netflix and Porn contributes to carbon emissions
10/26/2019 GVIDO Digital Music Score
Gmail Hooked Us on Free Storage. Now Google Is Making Us Pay
Google is replacing Home devices bricked by firmware update
Google Accused of Creating Spy Tool to Squelch Worker Dissent
Fix for Webroot "Graphics Ram is low" error
Comcast Internet Speed Test
Antivirus Giant Avast Hacked By Spies Who Stole Its Passwords
Cachet Financial Reeling from MyPayrollHR Fraud
NordVPN confirms it was hacked
Buy Microsoft Windows 10
Windows 10 Homegroup compatibility with Windows 7 machines
City of Johannesburg held for ransom by hacker gang
10/19/2019 US military retires floppy disks used by nuclear weapons system
The Pixel 4’s face unlock works on sleeping, unconscious people
How Tesla's flash storage fail may lead to expensive repair bills
Senator proposes data privacy bill with serious punishments
DeltaWing Will Race at Lime Rock Park
Webroot Antivirus
Microsoft: Don't install Windows 10 1809 October 15 update
How to fix "Your login session is expired" in Yahoo Mail
Operating System Market Share By Version
Remove "Google Survey" scam malware
How to save text messages on an iPhone
How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 10
CCleaner -- Clean out junk and duplicate files
How to set up OpenDNS
10/4/2019 Microsoft re-issues security patches; problems remain for some
9/28/2019 New Checkm8 jailbreak released for all iOS devices running A5 to A11 chips
Samsung's Galaxy Fold now on sale in the US for $1,980
Why the fate of online accessibility may rest with a Domino's Pizza lawsuit
Internet Speed Test
How to Start your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10
Cop’s Tesla runs out of battery power during high-speed chase
Hyundai to work with Cummins On Fuel Cell Technology
Netgear WiFi Analytics for Android
OpenDNS Configuration for Routers
New SpaceX Starship rocket stands ready for Elon Musk's big Saturday show
How to Create a New Local User Account in Windows 10
Ubiquiti WiFiman network management tool (for iOS and Android)
9/24/2019 Microsoft issues emergency patch for Internet Explorer, Defender
9/21/2019 This Hawaiian Hotelier Hates Airbnb so Much ...
WeWork's WiFi Security Worryingly Weak
Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups & malware from an Android phone
ESET Antivirus for Android
How to remove popup ads and viruses from your Google Pixel 3 XL
5G Spectrum and Frequencies: Everything You Need to Know
Classic Shell
T-Mobile lashes out against Verizon's 5G rollout
9/16/2019 DJI Mavic Mini
9/14/2019 California passes bill that threatens Uber and Lyft’s business model
You might be talking to robots at McDonald's drive-thrus soon
How to clear the Firefox cache
How to set up OpenDNS service
Xfinity Internet Speed Test
How to enable or disable hibernate in Windows 10
Resetting Network Adapter (Winsock Reset)
NY Payroll Company Vanishes With $35 Million
Transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Flip Off Fast Startup to Force Windows 10 to Shut Down for Real
ESET Antivirus for Android


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