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Here is the list of links previous "Computer Talk with TAB" shows that have aired in the past 90 days.

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4/25/2017 The future of self-driving cars is here ... in Phoenix
Why Are Health Records So Valuable to Cybercriminals?
Uber unveils plans to demo flying cars by 2020
Why Are Health Records So Valuable to Cybercriminals?
4/24/2017 How to print from iPad or iPhone wirelessly
HP Officejet 6500 Black Ink Not Printing and other Print Quality Issues
The 8 most common problems with Windows 10 Creators Update and how to fix
This is what Earth looks like from Saturn
Google Home gets an edge on Alexa with multi-user support
Apple May Transform Diabetes Care and Treatment: Report
I can not open Attachments from Windows Live Mail 2012
Protect your Windows XP PC with Avast Free Antivirus
Free AVG antivirus for Windows XP
Bill Gates My kids didnt have cell phones till they were 14
Could coconuts reveal the secrets of the great Alcatraz escape
Trump to order wholesale H1B reform
Elon Musk is working on consensual telepathy
Windows 10 attempting to install on flash drive
4/15/2017 Fake News at Work in Spam Kingpin’s Arrest?
Hackers can hijack your smart Aga oven with a text message
Google's Fact Check Labeling System Goes Global
Video: How to disable pop-ups in the AOL Desktop software
Clean Master for Android
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
How to reset Google Chrome
Malwarebytes Clean Removal Instructions
Webroot Anti-Virus
OK Google, Burger King Hijacked Your Speakers ... And Failed Pretty Quickly
Use the Firefox sidebar to access bookmarks, history and social features
4/8/2017 Australia slams Apple for telling customers 'you're repairing it wrong'
U.S. seeks curbs on use of entry-level H-1B programmers
Add two-step verification for extra security (Yahoo! accounts)
Set up, use, and manage Yahoo Account Key sign in to stop using passwords
Why I Always Tug on the ATM
How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs)
What to do if your email gets hacked (and how to prevent it)
Fix Aw, Snap page crashes and other page loading errors
How to Fix Problems During the Windows Login Process
4/1/2017 Apple iCloud hack threat gets worse: Here's what we ve learned
Daedulus is an insane, real-life flying Iron Man suit
Turning off Touchscreen on HP TouchSmart 520
FAQ On e-mail retirement
Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
OpenDNS Home Internet Security
Potplayer Blu-ray player software
Free Blu-Ray Player
Classic Shell
Markzware Quark Express Conversion Tools--Convert to Adobe InDesign
Desktop Operating Systems Market Share
3/28/2017 LastPass is scrambling to fix another serious vulnerability
3/25/2017 Hackers threaten to wipe millions of Apple devices, demand ransom
OpenDNS Home Internet Security
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Private photos of more celebrities leaked in Fappening 2.0
Toyota Mirai billboard actually purifies the air around it
How to set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID...
Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware
Senate votes to kill broadband privacy rules
Desktop Operating System Market Share
Download Firefox Web Browser
Download Chrome Web Browser
HP Elite X2
3/20/2017 Minn. police seek data on who Googled a victim's name
Windows 10 'servicing stack' update cripples some PCs
3/18/2017 Gallery On The Green
Desktop Operating System Market Share
New WikiLeaks Series Details CIAs Specialized Unit...
Yahoo breach shows the drawbacks of state-sponsored hacking
OpenDNS Home Internet Security
Crafty Phishing Technique Can Trick Even Tech-Savvy Gmail Users
​Windows 7 and 8.1 updates coming to an end for new computers
How to Turn XFINITY WiFi Home Hotspot On or Off
3/11/2017 Tesla 'API crashes' after update, angry rich bods complain                 
Ontario's rebates on pricey electric cars draw fresh criticism             
WinDirStat -- Windows Directory Statistics                                 
TreeSize Free                                                              
Newer car tech opens doors to CIA attacks                                  
How the CIA Can Hack Your Phone, PC, and TV (Says WikiLeaks)               
Changing "read only" file attributes                                       
How to Change the Read-Only Setting Command Line in DOS                    
Green Monster Recycling                                                    
OpenDNS Home Internet Security                                             
Desktop Operating System Market Share                                      
Surround Sound 8                                                           
macOS Sierra: Internet Accounts System Preferences                         
3/4/2017 Sorry USB-C lovers, but iPhone 8 will stick with a Lightning connector     
USB-C Port, Curved Display Top Latest iPhone Rumor List                    
See a comet racing toward the sun -- and its own demise                    
Uber devises secret Greyball tool to evade officials                       
Intel Compute Stick                                                        
Uber changes course, applies for CA self-driving permit                    
Groton School Employee W-2 Forms Released in Computer Hoax                 
Sophos Mobile Security arrives on iOS!                                     
EaseUS Diskcopy Home Edition                                               
Home Internet Security from OpenDNS                                        
2/25/2017 From rocks in Colorado, evidence of a ‘chaotic solar system’               
Google Account Troubleshooter                                              
Google Users Unexpectedly Signed Out of Accounts                           
Sling TV: Everything you need to know                                      
Booting Up the Search for Better Batteries                                 
If we show you how to back up your PC for free, will you finally do it?    
Forcefully Uninstall and Reinstall TurboTax                                
Flash player needs updating on Google TV                                   
OpenDNS Home Internet Security                                             
The Battery That Refuses To Explode (Video)                                
How to back up Windows 10...                                               
6 data recovery tools for SD cards, USB drives and more                    
The Best VPN Services of 2017                                              
Apple is investigating an iPhone 7 Plus that ‘blew up’                     
2/18/2017 Google ranks Gmail malware targets...                                      
Banned In Germany: Kids' Doll Is Labeled An Espionage Device               
Bill Gates says robots who take your job should pay taxes                  
SpaceX Dragon Launching NASA Cargo Video Replay                           
CD Burner XP:  MP3 to CD burning software                                  
How to Uninstall Driver Update by Slimware Utilities                       
Your next home phone may be an Amazon Echo or Google Home                  
Japan recycles old phones to make medals for 2020 Olympics                 
Feds find crazy pot-flinging catapult on Mexican border fence              
OpenDNS Home Internet Security                                             
H-1B video shocker....                                                     
Desktop Browser Market Share                                               
Firefox Web Browser                                                        
Download Google Chrome Web Browser                                         
Dealing With Fraudulent "Urgent Firefox Update" Notice                     
2/11/2017 How IoT hackers turned a university's network against itself               
Programmer releases bot army to crush Windows Support scammers             
Apple's iCloud saved deleted browser records, security company finds       
Modern homes burn 8 times faster than 50 years ago                         
'Pot Sasquatch' invades live newscast, frolics in the snow                 
Trump reviews right of H-1B spouses to work                                
How to Switch Views in the Windows 10 Mail App                             
Russia mulls returning Snowden to US, report says                          
iPhone 8's iris scanner, wireless charging rumors pick up steam            
Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery                                                
2/4/2017 Data from pacemaker used to arrest man for arson, insurance fraud          
Fix for "The default mail client is not properly installed"                
Hackers Targeted DC Police Cams Days Before Inauguration                   
3 Teams Qualify for Tube Test in Hyperloop Pod Competition                 
Ransomware locked hotel out of its electronic key lock system              
Cockrell Hill Police Lose Years Of Evidence To Ransomware Virus            
Watch a see-through robot catch and release a goldfish                     
India freaks out over U.S. plans to change high-skilled visas              
Boeing space taxis to use hundreds of 3D-printed parts                     
Open DNS Home Internet Security                                            
Lawsuit claims Apple broke FaceTime to force iOS 6 users to upgrade        
Set your homepage and startup page in Google Chrome Web Browser            
How to set multiple homepages in Google Chrome                             


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