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4/24/2018 Apple is now replacing batteries for cheaper MacBook Pro laptops
13-inch MacBook Pro battery replacement program FAQ
4/14/2018 Yahoo and AOL just gave themselves the right to read your emails (again)
This is how Facebook uses your data for ad targeting
Fix: The User Profile Service service failed the logon.
iOS 11.3 update breaks iPhone 8 devices with third party-repaired screens
FTC Warns Companies on Conditioning Warranty Coverage
Here's the leaked Apple memo about how leaks don't pay
GoNetSpeed Internet
Google Home Mini caught recording everything
Webroot Home User Support
TV Fool
Google Project Fi
Ooma VoIP Phone Service
4/11/2018 How to check if Facebook shared your data with Cambridge Analytica
4/7/2018 Tesla Model 3 production is being killed by robots
NE District Hartford FIRST Robotics Event 2018
H-1B visas for foreign-born tech workers now closed until 2019
STEM vs. STEAM: Why The “A” Makes a Difference
Tips to free up drive space on your PC
New England First Robotics Hartford Live Streaming Event
ESET Free Antivirus for Android
Webroot Anti-Virus for Android (Google Play Store)
How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad
Vacation like The Jetsons at this luxury space hotel
Elon Musk wants you to watch this movie about the dangers of AI
Dean Kamen, FIRST Founder, Biography
Cloudflare launches DNS service that will speed up your internet
4/4/2018 Windows 10 security: Microsoft patches critical flaw in Windows Defender
Microsoft Out-Of-Band Security Update
3/31/2018 Facebook Phone-Scraping Takes Users by Surprise
College Students Are Now Spending Their Student Loan Money on Bitcoin
After leaked memo, Facebook seems to reckon with culture shift
How to use System File Checker
Watch Will Smith try to romance Sophia the robot, and fail
Under Armour says 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts breached
TreeSize Free -- Quickly scan directories to find space hogs
Windows Directory Statistics
April Fools' Day 2018: The best web pranks coming to get you
Find missing emails in Yahoo Mail
Recover lost or deleted emails in Yahoo as a last resort
OpenOffice -- Free Alternative to Microsoft Office
How do I enable or disable Autofill in my browser
How to clear cache in Firefox
Clear cache in Google Chrome
SpaceX gets FCC approval to provide satellite broadband
LibreOffice -- Another free alternative to Microsoft Office
3/24/2018 The Viagra Vote?
Here’s how to check which apps have access to your Facebook account
CLOUD Act becomes law, increases government access to online info
How Obama’s Team Used Big Data to Rally Voters
How to Set Up the My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender and Extend a Wireless Network
Academic who collected 50 million Facebook profiles...
Download Firefox Browser
When Your Web Page Prints Tiny In Chrome Web Browser
Microsoft Licensing Activation Centers worldwide telephone numbers
Atlanta city government systems down due to ransomware attack
3/17/2018 Ranchers ask Where is the beef in lab-grown meat
There's a cop tool called GrayKey that force unlocks iPhones.
Humans Couldn't Keep Up with This Burger-Flipping Robot, So They Fired It
Crypto crackdown: Google bans ads for unregulated currencies
How to change your GMail password in five steps
John Oliver Helps Explain Cryptocurrencies (WARNING: Language)
Casa Systems
How to set up a vacation auto-reply in AOL Mail
HP Elite x2 Laptop Computers
3/10/2018 Got that itchy GandCrab feeling? Ransomware decryptor offers relief
'Bombshell' shatters myth around Wi-Fi inventor Hedy Lamarr
Recover your Microsoft account
How to change your Yahoo account password
Add two step verification to Yahoo accounts for extra security
Bellsouth e-mail configuration settings
Amazon has a fix for Alexa’s creepy laughs
Burger-flipping robot takes a four-day break
Wireless electricity? It's here
This is how SSDs work and what you can do to make yours last longer
3/3/2018 Do you stream music? These good times may not last
Thieves steal 600 powerful bitcoin-mining computers in huge heist
Apple Plans Healthcare Clinics as Employee Perk
How to manually uninstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
The 50th anniversary of Starfish Prime: the nuke that shook the world
Vintage and obsolete Apple products
This is how long your average Apple product will last
Set up Wireless for Officejet 4500
OpenDNS Mac Configuration
HP Officejet 4500 Technical Support Page
Whois Domain Name Lookup
2/24/2018 Could ultraviolet lamps slow the spread of flu?
Man sues Microsoft for $600M after a forced Windows upgrade
How to clear Safari's cache and history on Mac
How to clear the Firefox cache
Tesla installs 300 Powerwalls to give Hawaiian school kids AC
Solution for AOL Mail Mail Not Working In Firefox
Hacker's Enlisted Tesla's Public Cloud To Mine Cryptocurrency
Edible Arrangements Sues Google for $209 Million
How to temporarily prevent a Windows Update from reinstalling in Windows 10
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for Mac
Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?
2/19/2018 Apple updates operating systems to fix app-crashing bug
This Indian Character Symbol Can Crash Your iPhone
Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
How to update the sofware on your Mac computer
2/17/2018 Cryptocurrency mining GPU demand hampers scientific research
Scammers Abuse Google Ads to Steal Millions in Bitcoin
Cox IMAP e-mail server settings
Mail Settings Look-Up for Mac users
Mac Basics: Connecting your Mac to the Internet
SpaceX's first internet satellites are set to launch Sunday
How to set up OpenDNS
Kroll Ontrack Hard Drive Recovery
After allegedly draining bank accounts, Coinbase promises refunds
Recovering Windows live mail deleted email and lost folders
EaseUS Todo Backup Software (Personal Use)
Adblock Plus Web Ad Blocker
How to set up and start using Wi-Fi on your Mac
HP Elite x2
Power User Tip: How to Delete, Move, or Rename Locked Files in Windows
2/13/2018 Skype can't fix a nasty security bug without a massive code rewrite
2/10/2018 Intel's Smart Peepers Look Smart, Too
Cox IMAP e-mail settings
Of course a mystery website attacking city-run broadband was run by an ISP
US Senate mulls giving Huawei and ZTE the Kaspersky treatment
Google Translate cock-up gives Norwegians more than un œuf eggs
China's police get face-recognizing glasses ahead of New Year
Secret iPhone code posted is "biggest leak in history"
Telescope spots Elon Musk's Tesla flying through space
Windows 10: The Missing Manual
EaseUS Todo Backup
Reis & Ivry's Frozen Yougurt
Google Project fi
OpenDNS Setup Guide
What is the OpenDNS Dynamic IP updater client?
How to do a Safe Boot in macOS/OS X
2/3/2018 Twitter's huge bot problem is out of the bag
Uber has a tip limit? That's news to drivers
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak does not believe what Elon Musk says
Webroot Anti-Virus for PC/Mac
XProtect Explained: How Your Mac’s Built-in Anti-malware Software Works
What is a PUM detection in Malwarebytes and how do I deal with it?
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for Mac
Check your Internet Speed
AdwCleaner -- Removes Adware and unwanted programs
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for Windows
Comcast Approved Equipment for Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice
How to fix "Restoring Previous Version of Windows" loop
1/27/2018 Ford files a patent for an autonomous police car
Teamsters driver union delivers its demands to UPS
Apps that use iCloud will require app-specific passwords starting June 15
This self-driving shuttle puts accessibility first
Stop iTunes from opening or syncing when you connect your iPhone
Sling TV


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