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Here is the list of links previous "Computer Talk with TAB" shows that have aired in the past 90 days.

All the links have a date in which they were aired next to them.


10/18/2017 KRACK Wi-Fi attack threatens all networks
10/14/2017 Whip City Fiber Optic Internet Service
Classic Shell -- Make newer versions of Windows look like older ones
Gallery On The Green
How to Fix Windows Update When It Gets Stuck
10/6/2017 AOL Instant Messenger service to be discontinued
9/30/2017 Whip City Fiber Optic Internet Service
Apple takes the slow road to wireless charging
EaseUS Disk Copy
Apple computers are at risk from flawed updates, researchers find
Classic Shell
Deloitte Hack May Have Exposed Emails, Passwords Of Clients And Staff
How to fix low memory on Android
How to fix low memory & low storage issues on Android
FCC chief tells Apple to turn on iPhone FM radio chip
Firefox won't play videos on
Unlock the secret FM tuner in your Android phone
Amateur radio operators connect Puerto Rico to outside world
NextRadio Free Live FM Radio for Android
Amateur Radio Volunteers Aiding Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico...
Your phone has an FM chip...
9/23/2017 Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN
Alexa beams up new Star Trek skills, including Klingon
Tesla trounces supercars in World s Greatest Drag Race
Liftmaster links garages with Google and IFTTT -- for a fee
Southington Community Electronics Collection Event, SHS, 9/23, 8a-2p
Downloaded CCleaner lately? Oo, awks... it was stuffed with malware
TuneIn Radio App for Android
SATA/IDE to USB Hard Drive Data Transfer Cable
Hard Drive Docking Stations
Kroll Ontrack Hard Drive Recovery
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
OpenDNS Set-Up Guide
Is Packaged Entertainment Media Really on the Way Out?
How to clear the browser cache in Firefox
9/16/2017 iPhone 8, iPhone X will charge to 50 percent in 30 mins, but...
How did Tesla make some of its cars travel further during Hurricane Irma?
Google deletes Android backups if you don't use your phone for two months
Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted files
Check your hard disk for errors in Windows 7
Kroll Ontrack Hard Drive Recovery
How to configure OpenDNS for Windows, Mac and mobile devices
I found a fake Firefox update
How to check free hard drive space in Windows
Hard Drive Docking Stations
9/9/2017 Google calls The New York Times report on female wages extremely flawed
Alexa, Cortana Become New BFFs
Desktop Operating System Market Share
Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool
Adobe Reader DC unable to start correctly
Configuring Open DNS for Mac OS X (1 of 2)
Configuring OpenDNS for Older Macintosh Computers (2 of 2)
DJI Drone Airplanes
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Set Up OpenDNS on Windows
Opera Browser With Built-In Ad-Blocker
9/8/2017 How to find out if you're affected by the Equifax hack
Equifax Announces Cybersecurity Incident Involving Consumer Information
Breach at Equifax May Impact 143M Americans
9/7/2017 Equifax data breach may affect nearly half the US population
9/6/2017 UCONN Huskies Football Schedule for 2017 Season
9/2/2017 Tesla Removes Ludicrous Mode Restrictions After Owner Complaints
Tesla Model 3 rival Chevrolet Bolt suffers from faulty batteries
Rest in peace, Richard Anderson
Android Auto
Apple CarPlay
Nearly a half million pacemakers could get hacked
Get ready to finally say goodbye to Flash ó in 2020
How to add your Gmail account to Windows 10 Mail App
9/1/2017 Showtime sued over alleged Mayweather-McGregor live stream issues
Electric Cars Are Not Necessarily Clean
Alexa Can Make Music Echo All Through the House
8/26/2017 Nasty firmware update butchers TVs so bad, they have to be repaired
Toyota Safe and Sound app threatens teen drivers with parents music
Want to fight climate change? Donít invest in Tesla
Elephant translator turns human language into pachyderm-talk
How to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Firefox
Firefox 64-bit Web Browser for Windows Now Available
Teslaís Model 3 isnít a luxury car, but itís priced like one
Download Google Chrome Web Browser
8/12/2017 Logitech Mouse Wakes Computer When It Is Asleep
Consumer Reports pulls recommendation for Microsoft Surface laptops
Compatible Modems for Optimum Online
Has Photobucket Painted Itself Into a Corner?
Check Your Internet Domain Registration (ICANN Whois)
Malwarebytes' Anti-Rootkit Beta (CAUTION: Experts Only)
How to use Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit to remove rootkits from a Computer
Hackers able to turbo-charge DJI drones way beyond what's legal
Additional Optimum Cable Compatible Modems
Disney to leave Netflix to start its own streaming service
8/5/2017 Apple Plans to Release a Cellular-Capable Watch to Break iPhone Ties
I see popups or I am redirected to different websites
Cox expands home Internet data caps, while CenturyLink abandons them
How to use Open DNS
Fix for keybord key "P" repeating
Google Chromecast
TreeSize Free
WinDirStat -- Determine file space hogs
How to remove the low disk space warning
How to uninstall Supremo
Cox is the latest ISP to expand broadband data caps
A cellular Apple Watch is reportedly coming this year
Drivers for Lexmark X5495 Multifunction Printer (Bruce)
7/29/2017 Segway hoverboard hijack hack could make hipsters eat pavement
Amazon releases Smart Home API for Alexa
Norway deploys world's first wireless network at sea, to tackle oil spills
7/27/2017 If you use Wi-Fi on your iOS device, get this security update
Apple: Latest Mac Malware Won't Hurt You If You Update Your OS
7/22/2017 Bluetooth gets mesh functionality
Robot cop found face down in office-block fountain
Easy way to bypass passcode lock screens on iPhones, iPads running iOS 10


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